Spotify Connect

At Argon Audio we are proud to be among the very first manufacturers to support the Spotify Connect platform.

We expect that Spotify Connect will have a major impact in the music streaming world in the years to come, and we are pushing full speed ahead bringing a range of new Spotify Connect enabled devices to the market.

Our iNet2+ radio was in December 2013 the very first table-top radio to launch with Spotify support , and has since been joined by the iNet3+v2.

Software update required for older iNet2+ radios to enable Spotify Connect.
If you have an iNet2+ with the initial firmware release, it requires a software update to enable Spotify Connect support.
To enable Spotify Connect on your iNet2+ radio firmware version 2.6.11 (released 9.dec.2013) or later is required. Your radio will check for new firmware on periodically, as well as during initial setup, and prompt you if a new version is available.

To manually initiate an update go to System Settings -> Software update -> Check now.


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