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New UNDOK app available for Argon Audio products


A new and greatly improved control app is now available for Argon Audio iNet and Stream products.
The new app is called UNDOK and is available for both iOS and Android.
The UNDOK app is compatible with all Argon Audio iNet and Stream products except for the iNet1 (which has never supported app control).

The UNDOK app replaces the old Argon iNet app, which is no longer available for download, and will stop to function soon.

Please uninstall the old Argon iNet app from your device and install the UNDOK app in instead.



Argon Stream 2 – the perfect streaming upgrade for your hi-fi system.


Have a hifi system you love, but want to upgrade it with Spotify streaming? Then we have the perfect product for you.
Argon Audio is proud to announce the new Argon Stream 2, the perfect streaming audio upgrade for any hifi system.
In a small and affordable box the Stream 2 combines Spotify Connect with DLNA streaming and internet radio.
The Stream 2 offers both analog and digital audio outputs, allowing you to use and external DAC should you wish to do so.
Stream 2 will be available from Argon Audio dealers starting early September.

Spotify Connect support for iNet2+

Today we started rolling out the new firmware release for iNet2+, version number 2.6.11.
This new firmware enables Spotify Connect support for iOS and Android devices.
Your radio will check for new firmware on periodically, as well as during initial setup, and prompt you if a new version is available.
To manually initiate an update go to System Settings -> Software update -> Check now.