New Alto Active speakers

The new Alto active speakers from Argon are arriving now, and we are getting two models this time: the ALTOA4 and ALTOA5.

The two models are virtually identical, but of course the big model plays louder and deeper. Sound quality is as you know it from the passive ALTO-speakers.


  • 2 x 40 watts class D amp
  • Bluetooth (aptX)
  • 2 x optical input
  • 1 x RCA input
  • 1 x RIAA input (MM) – yes, you can plug in your Argon TT2 directly!
  • 1 x SUB out (L/R)

All inputs except RIAA have auto sense so when you turn on your TV or start playing Bluetooth from your phone, the speakers will turn on automatically. As an added feature, the speakers are born with the ability to be volume controlled (and muted) by Sony and Samsung IR-remotes.

New UNDOK app available for Argon Audio products


A new and greatly improved control app is now available for Argon Audio iNet and Stream products.
The new app is called UNDOK and is available for both iOS and Android.
The UNDOK app is compatible with all Argon Audio iNet and Stream products except for the iNet1 (which has never supported app control).

The UNDOK app replaces the old Argon iNet app, which is no longer available for download, and will stop to function soon.

Please uninstall the old Argon iNet app from your device and install the UNDOK app in instead.



Argon Stream 2 – the perfect streaming upgrade for your hi-fi system.


Have a hifi system you love, but want to upgrade it with Spotify streaming? Then we have the perfect product for you.
Argon Audio is proud to announce the new Argon Stream 2, the perfect streaming audio upgrade for any hifi system.
In a small and affordable box the Stream 2 combines Spotify Connect with DLNA streaming and internet radio.
The Stream 2 offers both analog and digital audio outputs, allowing you to use and external DAC should you wish to do so.
Stream 2 will be available from Argon Audio dealers starting early September.

Argon iNet3+v2 available now

The brand new Argon iNet3+v2 radio have just arrived in our warehouse, and is on the way to shops.
The new v2 edition uses the same platform as the iNet2+, which means that it??s thereby the second Spotify Connect compatible product in our lineup.
On top of Spotify Connect, you get Internet radio, DLNA streaming, and regular DAB+ and FM radio reception.

The iNet3+v2 comes with a IR remote control in the box, but can also be operated from the Argon Audio app, available both for iOS and Android.

The iNet3+v2 comes in Cherry and Walnut wood finishes as well as Black and White matt finishes.ARGINET3V2PCH_1

Argon iNet2+ reviewed by

Renown high-end audio website just posted their review of the Argon iNet2+.
The final paragraph sums it up very well:

“INet2 + has so unexpected good sound on top of a well of features, it’s hard to believe that you get a better- or even equally good buy at this price. And you should have significantly better sound you may need to double the efforts!”

You can read the full review at

Spotify Connect support for iNet2+

Today we started rolling out the new firmware release for iNet2+, version number 2.6.11.
This new firmware enables Spotify Connect support for iOS and Android devices.
Your radio will check for new firmware on periodically, as well as during initial setup, and prompt you if a new version is available.
To manually initiate an update go to System Settings -> Software update -> Check now.

Argon Audio iNet 2 – with Spotify

Coming soon – Argon Audio iNet 2 – first radio with Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect: the new way to play at home

Today, in collaboration with the leaders in home audio, Spotify launches Spotify Connect – a new home audio experience giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and speakers with millions of songs built right in. Simple, seamless and hassle-free.

Bring your music home. You’ve just walked through the door, listening to your favourite playlist on your phone. With Spotify Connect, simply hit play on your living room speakers and the music instantly fires up, right where you left off – making sure you never miss a beat.

Then pick up your tablet to keep controlling the music from your sofa, or seamlessly switch the sound to your iPod Touch in the kitchen’s docking station.

None of the hassle. Thanks to Spotify Connect, you won’t need to rely on unstable connections to stream music between your devices. No longer will incoming phone calls, loss of signal range, or watching a video spoil the party.

Unlike other wireless music solutions, using Spotify Connect won’t drain your battery. Plus you can continue to use your phone or tablet to call friends or start playing your favourite game without missing a beat.

Choose your home speaker system. Spotify Connect will be available on a wide range of speakers and home audio systems from music hardware specialists including Argon Audio, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Marantz, Philips, Pioneer, Revo, Teufel and Yamaha, with further brands coming soon. Look out for the Spotify Connect logo on compatible systems.

“Today, listening to music at home can be a frustrating experience – dropouts, below-par audio quality, signal range and phone restrictions, battery drainage, it’s basically a hassle,” says Sten Garmark, VP Product Management at Spotify. “Spotify Connect solves this by giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and now speakers with millions of songs built right in.”

Spotify Connect will roll out to Spotify Premium subscribers on iPhone, iPad and home audio systems over the coming months, with Android and desktop updates to follow.